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Moral & Cultural Activities

The development and prosperity of any society or nation depends on its culture. The strongest and fittest the culture, highest is the fulfillment and achievement. To preserve & propagate the Indian amazing cultural in society, a number of cultural and traditional activities are organised by Gurukul.

► Raas, Folk Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Pyramids, Drama, Band etc. are the parts of Gurukul’s cultural activities.

► To encourage various arts, competitions have their own importance. Students of Gurukul secure higher ranks generally.

► Gurukul celebrates various cultural, social and national festivals to cultivate glory towards cultural heritage, social brotherhood and patriotism.

► Music makes life musical. The music training schools are very active. Saints and students learn music in these schools.

► In the modern era of IT, the attraction for audio-visual techniques has increased. By the use of science and recent technology, it has deemed possible for placing culture on a vast and wide platform. This goal has met with glorious success by scientific cultural exhibitions. Many people – including kids, youngsters as well as elder have derived tremendous advantage by it.